Davelle Clothiers Celebrates 25th Anniversary at Reston Town Center

Top quality, style, and uniqueness in every outfit

On June 9 and 10, Davelle Clothiers celebrated its 25th anniversary at the Reston Town Center. Guests enjoyed wine along with beautiful live music, performed by London-renowned acoustic guitarist Shane Roots. On Saturday, nitro-brew iced coffee and  tastings from Teavana were shared, along with more music by Shane Roots and an exotic car show in front of the shop. Master Custom Designer David Eisele, Sr., and his senior wardrobe stylists were on hand to answer style questions, and guests were invited to enter a drawing for a custom-made suit valued at $2,000.

“Dressing for style plays a vital role in achieving actual success”

– David Eisele Sr.

“It doesn’t feel like 25 years; it feels like it was yesterday that we opened,” said Eisele. “It’s been quite a unique accomplishment with all the challenging times in the marketplace, and the way people perceive retail today, we’ve been blessed. We’re lucky in the sense that the community has supported us, they like what we’re doing, they like our uniqueness, they love our service, and they love our relationships. We are one-on-one with everybody—it doesn’t feel like a store; it feels like home. That’s why I put a kitchen in the new store—so people would feel like it’s home. The customers are the only reason we are in business—I care for each and every one of them, and they are family to me.”

Founded in 1991 by David Eisele, Sr., Davelle Clothiers previously had stores in Union Station (in D.C.) and in Bethesda, Md., but it was the sense of community that made Eisele decide to keep only the Reston store.

“I realized my heart, home, and love was in Reston. Quantity was never something I wanted to do over quality,” he said. “It has proven to be the best decision I made, because we do more business in Reston than we did in all the other stores combined. So the community is where I live, the community is where I want to be, and Reston really is very unique. I call it Reston USA, because it really is a special place.”

David Eisele, Jr, Lynn and David Eisele, Sr. and Hussein RassoulDavelle Clothiers interiorShane RootesDavid Eisele and one of Davelle’s best customers, Greg NardiDavid Eisele, Sr. & David Eisele, Jr.

Davelle’s unique line

Davelle Clothiers not only carry the finest Italian brands, like Canali, Baldessarini, Mauro Blasi, Bosca, and Ermenegildo Zegna, among others, but it’s also home of its own unique brands, designed by Eisele.

“My own line is the David’s Master Collection,” said Eisele. “It’s made out of Italian fabric and handmade in America. It’s very unique.”

Eisele also designs the one-of-a-kind Sartoriale by David’s, made in Italy.

“You have to be a little bit different to survive today,” he said.

Keeping in mind those customers who don’t think they can afford a high-priced piece of clothing, Eisele designed the new line “895.”

“It’s handmade clothing, and we use a very unique process made only with Italian clothing.”

Davelle Clothiers highlights what Eisele refers to as “blendology,” a combination of custom-made and off-the-shelf European designers like Canali and David’s Master Collection. 

“Our distinguished clientele is aware that appearance really does matter,” said Eisele. “Dressing for style plays a vital role in achieving actual success. Forbes, LiveCareer.com, and even Scientific American have all featured well-researched articles dedicated to the subject matter of dressing well to do well in life.”

“Mr. Eisele’s process is smooth and seamless and is focused on highlighting casual elegance, but interjecting a level of fun and fancy.”

—Grant Harris, popular menswear style blogger

Eisele is an artist at heart, and he is a recognized authority on designer clothing for men and personal image design. He holds the Certified Master Designer designation by the Custom Tailors and Designers Association (CTDA), the oldest fashion trade organization in America.

Eisele finds inspiration for his creations in everything and everywhere.

“I get color reports of what’s [trending], but I’m inspired by people, because the color of the season might not be the color for you,” he said. “We do more color analysis and figure out what color looks good on you and what’s right for you.”

“People were asking me if I got my clothes out of my father’s closet, so I knew it was time to get clothes that fit.”

—Will Montgomery, former Washington Redskin

Eisele’s focus is not to sell anything a customer wants, but to guide them as a style-brand manager for each person who comes to his store.

“I want [my customers] to feel surprisingly different from any other way they ever felt before. I want their clothes to radiate who they are, what they want to present, how they want to look,” he said. “Too many people are worried about what’s in style, and they never worry about what fits right, what looks right on them. And they are the style makers, so if they are wearing somebody else’s clothes, or somebody else tells them what to wear, they will never feel comfortable.”

25 years … now what?

Eisele never plans to retire. His passion is in Reston and his store.

“For me, retiring and not being here is an impossible thought because I want to be here with people. They energize me, they give me encouragement, and that’s why I enjoy it.”

His immediate plans include to travel more, get more design inspirations, and continue working with his son, Dave Eisele Jr., who is the operations manager and has been working by his side for 21 years. Eisele Jr. ensures impeccable attention to fit while allowing the client to embrace the art of presenting his own personal style.

For additional information, visit www.davelleclothiers.com or call 703.904.0011. Or, drop by Davelle Clothiers at 11921 Freedom Drive. Suite 100, Reston, VA, 20190, in the Reston Town Center.

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