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When it comes to fine jewelry, the trend is toward simplicity

Jewelry trends come and go with each season, but while large earrings, mythical symbols, hand bracelets and oversized pendants made a statement on fashion runways for the fall, the trends in fine jewelry aren’t nearly so dramatic.

At Princess Jewelers, located in the Village Green Centre in Vienna, Owner Lee Nguonly says the dominant trend in fine jewelry is toward simple designs for everyday wear. “A very simple, clean look is what we’ve seen lately,” he says.

Within that larger trend, Princess Jewelers has observed trends in how people are wearing their jewelry. “Right now, a lot of people are stacking their rings, stacking bracelets or wearing multiple necklaces,” says Designer Alina Yuk. She also has noticed that with a lot more people sporting multiple ear piercings, they are keeping their individual earring choices plain and simple and letting the grouping make the statement.

Nguonly also points to the popularity of rose gold as a current trend. Rose gold is a gold alloy made from a blend of gold and copper. First developed in Russia in the 19th century and popularized by Cartier in the 1920s, rose gold’s warm, pink hue flatters all skin tones. It also looks good along with other metals, so go ahead and include it in a stack of rings or as one of multiple necklaces. It shows off particularly well against light-colored, neutral outfits.

Some couples are opting for rose gold for engagement rings and wedding bands to give their wedding jewelry a different—and to some, more romantic—flair, but Nguonly says platinum is still the number one choice.

Another, even more popular trend in engagement rings right now are halos, a setting of pave or micro-pave diamonds encircling the center stone. “Halos are very popular, especially with oval or round diamonds,” says Nguonly.

Family owned and operated since 1988, Princess Jewelers is a fixture in Vienna, and much of what the store does is custom designs for its customers. Princess has a GIA-certified gemologist on staff as well as skilled goldsmiths, so whether you want to stick with the fine jewelry trend and simplify a more ornate piece or you want to buck the trend and make a bold statement, the professionals at Princess Jewelers can help.

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